June 6, 2020

New cards available, from garden birds to gossiping chickens and party dogs! - Go and take a look at the greetings card section of my Etsy shop for the birds and the celebration cards section for the party dogs, there's something for everyone!

May 22, 2020

I have lots of garden birds visiting my bird table throughout the year, they are such a pleasure to watch and to paint! 

The 'House Sparrow' is available as a card in my Etsy shop - look out for the 'Bullfinch' and 'Wren' to follow soon!

May 22, 2020

Really loving working with watercolour at the moment. After all the oil painting, I think I might prefer watercolours after all! This is my latest painting of a lovely silverback gorilla.....

May 20, 2020

Really pleased with this new painting, sticking with primates but changing from oil to watercolour - I definitely prefer the delicacy that is achievable with watercolour painting.