"Dear Emma, thank you so much, I wanted you to do the piece of him for my Sister as a fitting tribute although doubted art of any kind could do that.

I was worried the photo was too ‘perfect’ & the piece couldn’t really capture his true character, but through seeing your progressive sketches emailed I gained more confidence.

The piece is perfect, so much more than a brilliant replica of the photo.

Whenever we look at it, a different memory is evoked, of a different time & different place to that of the photo. We heard you had done this for others but could only hope you could do it for us.

Visually it’s stunning, but emotionally, beyond the strokes, lines & curves, quite simply....... it’s him."

"Oh my goodness....I absolutely love it! Thank you so much the picture is perfect"

"He loved it - perfect present - thank you Emma"

"My husband loved the drawing very much. He thought you had captured their expressions perfectly.  Thank you so much for having it finished in time". 

"Emma provides an excellent personal and professional service. She checked in a few times as she worked on the portrait of my sisters dog. The results were wonderful! A very special gift for dog lovers. Many thanks Emma"