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Your Portrait

"When I am asked to create a pet portrait for someone it is a real honour. I get to know something about both you and your pet and the fabulous bond you have together. 

I always treat each commission as a joint enterprise - sharing progress and including you in decisions along the way.  

I have included here some useful information for commissioning a portrait, however, I am always happy to chat through your ideas and would love you to get in touch with your enquiry, no matter how small. 

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you, Emma."



1. When choosing a photograph I often find the best view point is at eye level with your pet. This composition achieves a really nice finished portrait, as opposed to one where the photograph is taken looking down on your pet. 

2. A good, clear photograph is best and do choose one that you feel reflects your pets personality. 

3. It doesn't have to be just one - please send as many as you like and I can have a good look through and choose the best composition from your selection. 


When I start your portrait I will always do preliminary sketches in order to rough out the best composition and to 'get to know' your pet. I always share these sketches with you and this is your opportunity to tell me what you like and what you don't like. Always be honest as these sketches give me the starting point for the finished piece. I will then also send you an initial tonal painting of the finalised composition, again this can usually be altered so do speak up if there's something you're not happy with. 


When you are budgeting for your portrait don't forget to allow for the framing as well. A good frame can really set off your finished picture. If you would like any advice I will be happy to help. 

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