Playing with watercolour

I started doing this little Hare sketch this afternoon. I intend to do a bigger more detailed drawing in the future, but I quite like the simplicity of the line on this one.

I took the dog for a walk on the beautiful South Downs and came home full of the joys of nature! I felt the urge to colour in my Hare sketch so grabbed some water, ink and watercolour paints and got to work.

When I say 'work' I mean it in it's loosest context as I was having too much fun! I lay the picture flat and put lots of water on, then added colour where I felt it should go - keeping it loose and sketchy.

This is the final result.....

'Watercolour Hare' will be available as a print soon.

#wildlife #watercolour #penandinkportrait #artwork #gift #art #originalart #Hare #Nature #Wildlifeart

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