Fun with paper and glue!

Trying out new ideas is always fun and highly rewarding. I've been thinking of designing a range of greetings cards for a while. I could just reproduce my drawings which would make lovely cards and I think I will do that, but I always like to think of new ways of using my images too.

We were looking at tone at life drawing class the other week and using collage to explore the lights and darks. I hadn't done a collage for a long time and it is a medium I very much enjoy. I used to make collages from the Radio Times when I was younger using the film stills that were in the magazine. I've always loved old Hollywood and really enjoyed making my own images incorporating Hollywood stars.

So I decided to have a go at using collage with my dog images. I printed off the Loyal Lab portrait and gathered some lovely bright flower images to experiment with; here is the result....

I love the combination of the black and white pen and ink with the brightly coloured flowers here. I think I will continue working on this theme as I think they could make a really lovely set of greetings cards, watch this space!

#Collage #greetingscards #cards #newrange #inspiration #newideas #colourful #flowers #mixedmedia #dogportrait

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