Requesting a Commission.

One of the best parts of my work is being asked to do a commission, there's nothing nicer than creating a gift for someone special.

Having been approached I'm always excited and curious to receive the photos of the dog that I'm going to draw. Not knowing whether it'll be cute, old, grumpy, shaggy, pretty, big, small or handsome adds a frisson of anticipation.

When sending through a photograph it's always best to choose one, or a small selection, that really show the character of the dog. It's also important to bear in mind the composition of the image - make sure it's a pose that you really like and reflects the dog in his or her best light! It doesn't need to be the equivalent of a studio photograph, for example, the dog could be digging a hole in the garden if that's what best represents their character. As long as the dog itself is clearly visible, of course.

I've included here an example of a recent commission. In this instance the photo I received was lovely. The client sent through a small selection and indicated which one he preferred so I had a good starting point. As you can see, the dog in the image is lovely and clear and looks really happy - I knew I'd enjoy this one!

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