About Emma Gillo

I studied History of Design to Masters level at Brighton University and along the way discovered a love of drawing and painting. In 2009 I was fortunate enough to move to the beautiful West Sussex countryside with my family - and of course our wonderful dog. It was a natural step to combine my passion for drawing and painting with my love of dogs and animals, capturing their unique characters and wonderful expressions. I now have the pleasure of working with many varied dogs and owners, capturing something of their beloved pets personality, to be treasured forever.


A pet portrait is a truly unique gift, many of the pictures I create are gifts for Birthdays or Christmas. Sometimes they are keepsakes of a beloved pet that is no longer with us, and sometimes just because! I'd like to share some of the lovely comments from customers here with their kind permission.....

"Dear Emma, thank you so much, I wanted you to do the piece of him for my Sister as a fitting tribute although doubted art of any kind could do that.

I was worried the photo was too ‘perfect’ & the piece couldn’t really capture his true character, but through seeing your progressive sketches emailed I gained more confidence.

The piece is perfect, so much more than a brilliant replica of the photo.

Whenever we look at it, a different memory is evoked, of a different time & different place to that of the photo. We heard you had done this for others but could only hope you could do it for us.

Visually it’s stunning, but emotionally, beyond the strokes, lines & curves, quite simply....... it’s him."

"Oh my goodness....I absolutely love it! Thank you so much the picture is perfect"

"We have received the picture and it’s lovely.   Thank you so much, it is a great image of our Staffy".

"My husband loved the drawing very much. He thought you had captured their expressions perfectly.  Thank you so much for having it finished in time". 

"He loved it - perfect present - thank you Emma"

"Emma provides an excellent personal and professional service. She checked in a few times as she worked on the portrait of my sisters dog. The results were wonderful! A very special gift for dog lovers. Many thanks Emma" 

"My beautiful picture of my Sussex Spaniel arrived today.  I can’t thank you enough, it’s lovely and I’m so pleased." 

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